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International Conference on STDs and HIV, Dubai (UAE), December 1-2, 2016

2 de Agosto de 2016 - Publicado en OTROS CONGRESOS

This Conference will be a joint effort of Clyto Access and Journal of HIV and STD .Your expertise and knowledge in the respective field would add a great value and provide guidance and path-breaking ideas to new generation

For more information regarding the abstract submission and participation fee, kindly have a look at: http://www.clytoaccess.com/international-conference-stds-and-hiv

It is an honour and privilege to invite you to participate in this Conference as Speaker/Poster/Delegate. We believe that your contribution to this field will be of great benefit to all the attendees round the globe. As this Conference encourages ...

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10th Vaccine Congress. Amsterdam, 4-7 September, 2016

26 de Julio de 2016 - Publicado en OTROS CONGRESOS

Here are just some of the highlights attendees of the congress can expect:

  • Plenary sessions on Vaccinology in the 21st century, Systems Biology & Immunophenotyping, Maternal Immunization, and Emerging Vaccines
  • Specialist workshops on ‘How to raise funding for your research’, and ‘How to become a successful author’
  • Speed Review Sessions with the Vaccine editorial team on Tuesday 6 September, 13:30-15.30. Bring your paper/poster/proposal. Contact Matthanja Muller to reverse a session
  • Special session on ‘Zika virus: at the interface of science and public policy’
  • Social networking afternoon with optional Amsterdam City Tours
  • And much more!

+ Más informaci ...

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28th International Workshop on Retroviral Pathogenesis. New Orleans, 5-9 December 2016

14 de Julio de 2016 - Publicado en OTROS CONGRESOS

The 28th International Workshop on Retroviral Pathogenesis will be held on December 5 – 9, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America.  Retroviruses are important human pathogens, and historically, research on animal retroviruses has uncovered important mechanisms in human disease and viral molecular biology.  Sessions will include oral and poster presentations on Receptors and Entry, Integration and Implications for Gene Therapy, Early Events and Restriction Factors, Zoonoses and New Retroviruses, Oncogenesis and Pathogenesis, Immune Responses to Retroviral Infection, Retroviral Accessory Proteins, Endogenous Retroviruses, Animal Models of Human Retroviral Disease, and related topics.  Participation from principal investigators, postdoctoral trainees and ...

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Frontiers of Retrovirology Conference 2016. 12–14 September 2016 • Erlangen, Germany

7 de Junio de 2016 - Publicado en OTROS CONGRESOS

Do not miss the opportunity to contribute to the meeting by submitting your abstract to one of the following topics:
• entry & uncoating
• reverse transcription & integration
• transcription & latency
• RNA trafficking & packaging
• assembly & release
• innate sensing & restriction
• adaptive immunity & immune evasion
• pathogenesis & evolution
• novel antiviral strategies
• advances in HIV vaccine development

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6th European Congress of Virology, Hamburg 19-22 October 2016

7 de Junio de 2016 - Publicado en OTROS CONGRESOS

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the 6th European Congress of Virology (ECV) which will take place from October 19-22, 2016 at the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH), Germany.

The European Congress of Virology is the premier virology conference in Europe and is organized by the European Society for Virology (ESV). ECV2016 will bring together both junior and senior scientists, and will cover all aspects of virus research including basic, clinical, veterinary and plant virology.

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19th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Virology, en Lisboa 14-17 sept 2016

13 de Mayo de 2016 - Publicado en OTROS CONGRESOS

We are very pleased to invite you to the 19th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Virology, that will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, from 14 to 17 September 2016. This meeting will cover hot topics of clinical virology, maintaining the high scientific standards of previous meetings of this Society.

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Within host RNA virus persistence: mechanisms and consequences August 24-26th 2016 . St Andrews . Scotland

26 de Abril de 2016 - Publicado en OTROS CONGRESOS

A two day conference to bring together scientists working on many different viruses to address underlying questions about the mechanisms and consequences of “within host” persistent RNA virus infections.

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4º Congreso de Antivirales. Sitges, Barcelona 18-21 de Septiembre 2016

7 de Abril de 2016 - Publicado en OTROS CONGRESOS

Following successful meetings in Amsterdam in 2010, Boston in 2012 and Amsterdam in 2014, the Antivirals Congress will be held in Barcelona in September, 2016. The key objectives of these unique interdisciplinary conferences are:

  •  To enable researchers from around the world to present important new findings;
  •  To highlight recent advances in drug and vaccine development, from basic science through clinical trials
  •  To publicize novel techniques that will speed the pace of research;
  •  To facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, by providing opportunities for networking among laboratory scientists, clinicians and public health officials.

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