7th European Congress of Virology (ECV), Rotterdam. April 28th-May 1st

18 de Abril de 2019 - Publicado en OTROS CONGRESOS

The 7th European Congress of Virology (ECV) willbe held in Rotterdam from April 28th to May 1st, 2019, has decided to postpone the abstract submission deadline to 15 January, 2019. This decision was taken, by one end, to help those scientists who, due to time constrains caused by the holidays period, were delayed in preparing their scientific contribution for January 1st, and, by the other end, to favour the largest possible participation. Needless to say, the ECV is the prime Virology event held in Europe. Having a triennial frequency, ECV thoroughly discusses all the research novelties and state of the art technologies in the different fields of our discipline, thanks to the contributions of well renown scientists and excellent young investigators. Just to quote a few areas that have recently greatly contributed to the progress and development of the whole biomedical science: emerging and zoonotic viral infections, molecular virology, medical and clinical virology, veterinary virology, plant and environmental virology, new diagnostics and molecular therapeutics (gene editing and gene therapy), vaccinology. Furthermore, the participation of young investigators will offer to all participants chances for materials and personnel exchanges throughout Europe as well as new networking opportunities to face international grant application calls. The participation of younger scientists who succeed in having a presentation or a poster accepted by the ECV Committee is also favoured by travel grants offered by national Virology Societies and by ESV.

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