3rd Innovative Approaches for novel Antiviral Agents Summer SchoolSeptember 28th – October 3rd 2016, Pula (CA), Sardinia, Italy

7 de Junio de 2016 - Publicado en CURSOS

Over the recent years, drug discovery via high throughput screening (HTS) has moved beyond the boundaries of pharmaceutical companies and been successfully integrated into research programs of many academic institutes. These efforts have taken advantage of the availability of diverse libraries of small molecules, either as pure entities or natural product extracts. However, identification of candidate drugs benefits from an in-depth understanding of potential pitfalls of HTS, which can include (i), storage of compound libraries (ii), stability and cost of assay reagents (iii), robustness of the assay and (iv), access to bioinformatics to analyze the wealth of data that results from performing multiple assays on 250,000 – 500,000 compounds. Beyond these challenges, successful HTS is an iterative process requiring close co-operation with programs of structural biology, medicinal chemistry and clinical research.

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